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Shared Database

Routinely, IDEConsortium Full Member participating states provide their state data to update a single, shared locate database. Also, other neighboring states have agreed to provide data for the IDEConsortium database on a regular basis. Today the total IDEConsortium database contains approximately 300 million records from sources such as state DMV’s, food stamps, workers compensation, correctional institutions, and state and federal employers reporting new hire and wage data. These records can be searched on-line for immediate processing.

Specifically, the IDEConsortium Shared Database provides the following features and benefits:

On-line Name or SSN Search—The caseworker can obtain a parent’s current address or place of employment in just a few seconds by entering the parent’s name or Social Security Number into the IDEConsortium system. The system responds immediately with matching information. This on-line capability saves significant “locate” time when compared with manual processes and several days for database batch processes.

On-line Historical Information – The system maintains historical information for addresses and employers. The caseworker can perform a search for historical information by entering the parent’s SSN or name. When performing a name search, the caseworker may add qualifying information such as gender, race, and date of birth or age range.

Metropolitan Area Search – The caseworker can search for a parent in a predefined metropolitan area. For example, the caseworker can select Atlanta Metro Area and the system will automatically search Atlanta and the surrounding cities of Roswell, Marietta, Stone Mountain, etc., listing all names similar to the parent being sought.

On-Line Sounds-Like Search—The caseworker can also search for a parent using a “sounds-like,” function, by entering in their best guess as to how to spell a parent’s name. This is very useful when searching for someone with a name that has a difficult or uncertain spelling. Often, the system can help find the individual and provide the correct spelling of the name simultaneously.

Queued Search Request—When the individual cannot immediately be found on the system, the caseworker may save the name and/or SSN in a “queued search request file” which is automatically matched to the shared database whenever new data is added. Hits that result from this automated process are placed in a queued file for the caseworker to access when logging-in to the IDEConsortium network.

Batch Location Option—Any Full Member state may submit location requests via secured file transmission for batch processing. Results are processed within two weeks.

Customer Convenience—For the convenience of all users in their respective time zones, IDEConsortium is operational from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. For assistance in resetting your IDEConsortium password, please call 1-877-331-4150 or contact your State Administrator.