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IDEC Overview

The Interstate Data Exchange Consortium is a group of states whose common objective is to pool resources to provide cost-effective solutions for interstate and intrastate child support issues. Currently IDEConsortium offers three unique services to its member states:

The IDEConsortium is state-owned and operated. States may join as either Full Members or as Limited Partners through a state contract containing a memorandum of understanding agreement administered by the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) which serves as the “Seat Agency”. Each Full Member state has a representative and a vote on the IDEConsortium Board of Directors which meets semi-annually. MDHS provides oversight and maintenance of a contract with Informatix, Inc. for the development, operation, maintenance and marketing of the IDEConsortium services.

Full Member states receive instate FIDM matching with financial institutions doing business in their state and AEI. Full Members have an option to participate in the Parent Locate Services and may upgrade the basic services provided to meet their needs. Service costs are based on a Full Member state’s demographics; overhead costs are shared by all Full Member and Limited Partner states. As additional Full Member states are added, the overhead is divided between the Full Member states participating in a particular service, resulting in lower costs for all.

Limited Partner states already perform instate FIDM matching but need more interstate matches to increase delinquent collections. Limited Partners become reciprocal partners with IDEConsortium each agreeing to process a standard quarterly file against the other. Limited Partners may purchase an annual subscription for the use of AEI to participate in the electronic interstate system along with all Full Member states. Costs for Limited Partnerships are based on flat fees for administration and maintenance and a processing fee based on the number of records a Limited Partner submits quarterly.