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AEI Overview

The PRWORA provisions enabled states to obtain asset data through financial data matches on delinquent non-custodial parents. Federal law does not enable states to seize accounts across state lines and many financial institutions do not honor freeze and seize requests arising from a state other than the state where an account is located. PRWORA framers saw this problem and included requirements for states to initiate Automated Enforcement of Interstate (AEI) cases.

The core of the IDEConsortium interstate communication tool is the AEI system, a secure web based application that provides an online collaborative platform for member states to initiate and respond to requests in the easiest, most cost-effective manner possible. New Full Member and Limited Partner states are able to access AEI through a secure website address or by installing a direct line to IDEConsortium. The system includes:

  • A relational database that stores financial institution information, maintains and easily updates state specific freeze and seize criteria, case tracking data and user security information.
  • A user-friendly browser based interface with on-line help information.
  • On-line freeze and seize forms containing pre-populated case and FIDM information.
  • Routine and on demand report generation that produces activity, statistical and management reports that are presented in pdf format.

IDEConsortium is keenly aware of the costs associated with statewide system modifications and the fear of large numbers of requests for assistance from neighboring states. With those concerns in mind, the AEI system has been developed to avoid modifications to existing statewide systems. The system also allows Full Member and Limited Partner states to control the number of requests for assistance they receive by submitting and adjusting online their AEI database seize and freeze criteria and thresholds. Now assisting states will get only those AEI requests that meet their criteria and thresholds.